Internet Service Providers try to compete for your business by promising high internet speeds. Customers eager for faster internet take the bait, only to find out that some ISPs don’t deliver. That boils down to the fact that you’re not getting what you paid for. You’ll need to test your internet speed using any of the five tools listed below.

These online tools check the upload and download speeds of your internet connection. If you find that you’re getting less than promised, your next step should be to complain to your provider. In the face of these complaints, some providers may double your speed for the same price.

Check Internet Speed

HOW TO : Check Your Internet Speed

Speedtest employs many internet servers around the world that you can choose to run the download/upload speed test. When running the test, choose one that’s closest to you. The service uses a single large file transfer, so it will provide an accurate picture of the total network bandwidth. However, it will not provide much information on the effects of network latency.

The Flash interface used to display results means that you’ll need to have Java on your computer for the results to display properly. Most other speed test services on the internet run on technology.

CNET Bandwidth Meter

CNET Bandwidth Meter is one of the oldest online speed test service. When you initiate the speed test, the service will download a large image file somewhere between 50KB to 1.5MB based on the type of connection you have. CNET’s speed test service uses a fixed server in the U.S, unlike other services that use servers around the world.

MSN’s internet speed test service is powered by this very same CNET bandwidth meter.

Bandwidth Place Bandwidth Speed Test

You can use the service at Bandwidth Place to check your internet speed for free, up to three times a month. They offer subscription packages if you require more frequent testing. The test will be based on a file size of 1 MB, so the results won’t be as expansive as other provides.

The advantage of this service is a good, clean interface for the reporting. You’ll simply need to enter your geographic location and your results will be compared to the averages of other visitors to the site.

Speak Easy

Although Speak Easy uses the same servers as, Speak Easy provides a very specific service unlike the general tests available at Speedtest. You can take your pick from the countries listed to improve the accuracy of the results.

You can also use it to test the speed between your computer and a specific location in the U.S. This option is possibly one reason why the service is so popular.

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Broadband Expert UK

Broadband Expert UK is a great online Internet speed testing tool that is specific to the U.K. That’s not to say that you can’t use it to check your internet speed if you’re outside of that geographical region. The test offers real time service and the results are surprisingly accurate.