Once again Google is going to shut down few of its services from 1st July, 2013. One of them is Google Reader which is a very popular feed service used by a very large number of users. If you are also one of the Google Reader user then, this is the time to switch to a new feed reading service.

But before that you must have the backup of your Google Reader account. And then you can switch to a new feed reader without losing any content and feed subscription you had with Google Reader. Just follow the steps given below for backing up and transferring your Google Reader feeds to another feed reading service.

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HOW TO : Backup and Export Google Reader Feeds to Another Feed Readers

1. Login to your Google account and then, go to the URL google.com/takeout

2. You will see a list of all the Google services you are using for which you can take the backup. Click on the "Choose Services" tab. As shown in the image below.

HOW TO : Backup and Transfer Google Reader Feeds to Another Feed Readers

3. Select the "Reader" from the options shown in "Select A Service". It will calculate the total number of files and the file size for your Google Reader backup data.

4. Once the calculation is finished as 100%, click on the "Create Archive" button. It will start creating an archive of your Google Reader data. Once the process is completed, click on the "Download" button.

It may ask you to login again to your Google account for the security purpose. The Google Reader archive will be then downloaded on your device in a zip file.

5. Open that zip file and extract all the files. You will find there is a "Subscription.XML" file and few .JSON files in the archive. The XML file is what you will be needed to import your Google Reader account to feed reading services.

As you can see, JSON files contains the details of your activities on your feed subscription like the items you have liked, commented or shared etc.

6. Now you can use the other feed services like Feedly, The Old Reader etc. to transfer your feed subscription from Google Reader to them.

Tip : Feedly is having a new nice option of transferring the Google Reader subscription to it just by login to Feedly using your Google account which you use for the Google Reader. So if you like Feedly as a feed reader then, it is really easy to transfer your Google Reader feed subscription.

HOW TO : Backup and Transfer Google Reader Feeds to Another Feed Readers (Video Tutorial)