If you are a tech or gadget blogger then you should be posting about various mobile and web apps. Sometimes we also share the screenshot of some smartphone apps, games, useful website or of our own website as well. Usually we just take the screenshot and post it. But wouldn't it be nice if we show the screenshot of the game, app or website on a smartphone or tablet?

HOW TO  Add Smartphone and Tablet Frames to App Screenshots

The common approach to do this is to take the screenshot first, grab the image of a desired device and then place the screenshot on the screen of the device. It will take some time and it also needs a little bit of image editing expertise. Another way is that you can directly take the picture of the device showing the smartphone, game or website but it will not good look for sure.

But now, you can do this easily in just few steps. Google provides a service for the Android developers using which you can easily place any image or screenshot on the screen of the provided smartphone or tablet. You can see the screenshot of Geeky Stuffs on a Nexus 10 tablet in the above image. And if you want to create such an image for yourself then, just follow the instructions given below.

HOW TO : Put Screenshots or Any Image on Smartphone and Tablet Screen

1. Go to the Device Art Generator page of the Google Android Developer site from the link given below.

Device Art Generator for Google Android Developer

2. Have a look on the devices available and decide the one which you would like to use. For now, the devices available to add the screenshot of the apps are Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Motorola XOOM.

3. Now, check the screen resolution shown for the device you have selected. Give your desired image the exact resolution otherwise the device will not accept the image. Also, the image should be in the PNG format.

4. Once the image is ready, just drag and drop the image on the device of your choice. The Android Device Art Generator generate the image on the screen of the device. Just click on the image to download it on your computer.

You can change the device orientation by clicking on the "Rotate" button. There are also "Shadow" and "Screen Glare" options given which you can use to put the shadow of the device below it and glare on the device.