Social media might be the next generation of internet marketing, but that doesn't mean every company knows how to use it correctly. While some companies like Honda and Nike have used aggressive campaigns to expand their market exposure and reach, others have seen their attempts at "going viral" either fall flat or explode in their faces.

McDonald's attempt at a social media campaign regarding their oft-requested McRibb sandwich backfired when the company started getting bad press due to foreign items being found in some other burgers. Chik-fil-A received criticism for its stance on social issues, and it was bad enough that many social rights groups went as far as to stage protests on or near company property.

Regardless of the initial difficulty, it stands to reason that companies will continue to try and make the most out of this marketing opportunity. With over 90% of the 18-49 demographic involved, there is a lot of money to be made. Have a look on the biggest social media marketing fails and wins in the recent time to get an idea of how to do the social media marketing perfectly.

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