The best thing about Android is the frequent update of the OS. With every new update, some new features come to the Android devices which improves the user experience.

Unlike the iOS, Android updates are rolled out individually by the phone manufacturer and network providers. So depending on your Android smartphone brand, region and carrier, you will have to wait until the Android OTA (Over The Air) update is not available for your device.

Sometimes even though an OTA update is available for your Android device model, it may take some time for it to be available on your device particularly. But there is a trick using which you can force your Android smartphone download the latest OTA update if available.

HOW TO : Force Your Android Device to Download Latest OTA System Update

HOW TO : Force Your Android Device to Download Latest OTA System Update

1. Go to the Settings menu on your Android device.

2. Open the Apps menu by tapping on it. Now, tap on the All tab to show all apps available on your device.

3. Scroll down to the Google Service Framework. Since the apps are listed in alphabetical order, you should have no issue in finding this app.

4. Tap on the Google Service Framework to open the options for it.

5. Now, tap on the Clear Data and after that tap on the Force Close button. Return back to the main Settings menu after that.

6. Scroll down to the About Device and tap on it to open it.

7. Look for the System Update and tap on it.

If there is any OTA update available for your Android device then it will show on your device and you will be able download it. If you get negative results then, try repeat the entire steps few more times and you should get the update available.

Keep in mind that this trick works only when an Android OTA update is available for your device in real. It just clear the data from your device about the Android framework and let your mobile phone carrier know that your phone needs the update.

If there is no update available for your device from your carrier then, you will obviously get nothing. But if you are sure that an update is being rolled out for your device but you haven’t received it yet then, you should give this trick a try to force your Android device to download the latest OTA system update.