For every paid software, product keys are an important thing. If you need to uninstall a software for some reason and want to install it again on your computer later then, you will need to have the product keys or registration keys for that.

The same goes with the Microsoft Windows. If you formatted your computer or need to install the Windows or other Windows products like Microsoft Office again on your computer then, you will need to use the product keys.

Earlier, it was easy to find the product keys for the Windows. You could easily find the product key on the body of your laptop or PC. If you purchased the license online, you would have get the product keys in an email or on the box of the installation media. But same is not the case with the devices coming with the pre-installed Windows 8.

The devices which comes with pre-installed Windows 8 are not having the product keys mentioned on them anywhere and it comes built-in as a part of the BIOS. So, it is a bit difficult to find the product keys for the Windows 8. But now there is a small tool available using which you can perform this task easily.

Belarc Advisor is a free system diagnostic tool for Windows which provides all the information of your Windows device including hardware and software. Once installed and running, it will analyze your device and provide every single vital information of it.

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HOW TO : Find the Product Key of Windows 8

1. Download the Belarc Advisor from the link given below :

2. Installed the software on your computer. It will run by itself once the installation is finished.

It may take some time in analyzing your Windows computer. Once diagnosis is over, the result will be displayed in an HTML page on your web browser.

HOW TO : Find the Product Key of Windows 8

3. Scroll down to the “Software Licenses” section. Here you will find the name of the product and the left side and on the right side, product keys of all the Windows products and other software installed on your computer with a product keys.

4. Just copy and paste the product key of the Windows 8 or other software on a text file. You can also take a snapshot of it.

Keep in mind that Belarc Advisor is compatible with all versions of Windows. So, you can use it to find the product keys of any Windows version of Microsoft Office products.

You can also use it to get the in depth information of your Windows PC like Last login details, Virus Protection, Missing Security Updates, USB storage used in last 30 days, Network Map, Communication hardware and much more.