Drop tests of smartphone and other gadgets are getting so common now. You can find the videos of drop test of nearly every new smartphone these days. Though you should not rely on the results of drop tests much as I was able to break the Gorilla glass of my Samsung Galaxy S2 twice by letting it fall from a height of just 3 feet.

As I said, drop tests are getting common and due to this, they are boring too now. So the guys at RatedRR came out with a new idea and tested the brand new HTC One with a .50 caliber rifle and released the video of it. Sounds crazy, right?

HTC One Bullet Test

The gun used in this test is a Barrett M82A1 .50 caliber sniper rifle and it is easy to understand that the sole purpose of this test was to destroy the HTC One as we all know what will happen if a bullet hit a smartphone.

Though the video is just for fun and none of us are going to try our smartphones for protection in the middle of a gunfight, it is nice to have a rare video like this. But if you just love the gadgets then, better not to watch it.

The videos of the testing of HTC One by hammer, knife and keys is also shared along with a comparison video of the drop tests of HTC One and iPhone 5. Though these video may seem cool, never ever try these things on your phone.

HTC One Bullet Test (Video)

HTC One Hammer, Knife and Key Test (Video)

HTC One vs iPhone 5 Drop Test (Video)