If you are a social media lover and want to reach to the wider audience then, you need to spend lots of time. But since Internet and social media are up all the time and you may have friends and follower in different timezone, it is not always possible for your message to reach to all of your audience.

The best solution for this issue is to schedule your tweets or Facebook status to be published automatically at various time of the day. It will save your time and will also help you in connecting with all of your friends and followers.

There are lots of scheduling apps available for social media sites which let you schedule your Facebook status or tweets on Twitter. But what if you spend most of the time online from your smartphone or tablet?

Schedule Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Gmail Messages on Android Smartphone

Though there are few dedicated Twitter and Facebook mobile clients available which let you schedule the posts but not all of them are good enough. Also you will have to install separate app if you want to schedule the SMS or email. But now there is an app Schemes available for the Android devices which let you schedule your Facebook status, Twitter tweets, SMS and even emails from your Gmail account.

Schemes is having a nice Holo UI which looks beautiful and easy to use. Once you schedule a message and it is posted, you get a notification about it to let you confirm that your messages is posted. It also provides the facility to cancel a scheduled message, tweet or email.

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As mentioned already, Schemes also let your schedule your SMS. It is really helpful in the situations when you are going to bed early but want to send a “Happy Birthday” message on your friend’s phone exactly at midnight.

Schemes is well integrated with the Messaging app of your device too. If you are sending an SMS by scheduling it using this nice smartphone app then the SMS is automatically added to the corrosponding thread on the Messaging app of your Android smartphone.

So if you are looking for an Android app to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Gmail then, Schemes will be a good fit for you. But keep in mind that since it is a new app and still in beta, it may some bugs. You can download it from the link given below.

Download Schemes for Android