One of the best thing about Microsoft Outlook is that you can get the delivery reports and the Read Receipt reports of the sent emails which let you know about the status of your email. This feature is not available in other email services. But now you can have it easily for your Gmail account.

Right Inbox is a Gmail application which let you track your sent email, schedule emails to send later and also to add reminders in your emails. It is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari (Sorry, dear Internet Explorer users).

The best thing is that it works for both New Compose (pop-up compose window) and Old Compose interface of Gmail. Follow the steps given below to install and track the delivery status of your sent emails.

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HOW TO : Schedule Emails and Track the Delivery of Sent Emails

1. First of all, visit the and download the browser extension.

2. Login to your Gmail account. You will receive a notification that "Right Inbox for Gmail is ready". Click on the Continue button.

3. On the next page, Gmail will ask the permission to let Right Inbox use your Gmail account. Click on the "Grant Access" button.

4. Now, you will get the option of selecting the type of account. Select the free account or the paid once according to your need.

5. You will get the option to post about Right Inbox on your social media profiles. Just skip it by closing the pop-up window

Tip : It is better to copy and save the message provided, specially if you are using the free account, to use later. For every friend who installs Right Inbox using your link you get 10 bonus credits, up to a limit of 100 bonus credits.

6. Now the extension is installed perfectly. Just click on the Compose button to start writing an email.

7. You will get the new options of Track, Send Later and Remind Me on the Compose page. Just Mark the Track button if you want to track the delivery status of the email. Watch the video given below about how the email tracking on Gmail works.

HOW TO : Track the Delivery of Sent Emails

8. If you want to schedule email to be sent later then, just click on the Send Later button. Now, just select the time when you want the email to be sent. Watch the video given below to see how to schedule the email to be sent later.

HOW TO : Schedule Emails in Gmail

9. You can also add reminders about the email you are composing. Just click on the Remind Me button. It will provide you options and conditions on which you would like to be reminded about the email. Just select the desired options and you will get a reminder about the email according to that.

The best thing about this tool is that it works in a different way than the Read Receipt of Outlook. Outlook provides the user an option of not sending the read receipt back to the sender of the email. But this browser extension works on the concept of a hidden image in the email. When a person reads the email, that images loads in the background and confirms the opening of the email.

If you send any link in the email then, it also tracks the status of that. So, you get the information that the link was clicked by the reader or not. And it also provide the information about the IP address on which the email was checked.