Size matters in sales, but not all of the largest companies in the world have the social and digital presence that they could have. Nearly every large company in the world has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but none of that means anything if it is underutilized and ineffective.

The Dachis Group has studied lots of these companies and this is a list of the Top 20 Social Business listings. These companies are not only leaders in the brick and mortar world, but they have a massive and successful social media impact that allows them to have an impact far beyond their original businesses.

The Social Media Business Index surveys the social media impacts of over 35,000 brands and 1 billion social media accounts to find those companies with the greatest reach and impact. By studying the activities of the brands' followers, the Index, owned by the Dachis Group, is able to show what works and what helps to build the profile of the companies that have invested the time and money into social media.


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Top 20 Social Business Brands in the World (Infographic)
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