There are situations in which we would like to use our phone's Silent mode to avoid any disturbance like in classrooms, movie theater etc. But sometimes we may forget to put our phone on silent and it may cause embarrassment to us. Usually, it happens for the routine things like the weekly office meetings or your regular visits to mosque, church etc. So isn't it would be better to schedule the activation of Silent mode on your smartphone for such situations?

And if you think it is a nice idea then, there is a good news for you. There are lots of useful Android apps which let you schedule the activation of Silent mode on your device to avoid the hassle of the manual performance of the task. By this way, you can also be sure of not missing any such event where you should put your phone on silent and you forgot.

Best Apps to Schedule the Silent Mode on Android Smartphone

There are lots of such apps available on the Google Play Store but here I am sharing the best apps to schedule the Silent mode on your Android phone.

Best Apps to Schedule the Silent Mode on Android Smartphone


SmartSilence let you to set the times during the week on which you want your phone to be in Silence mode. You can also choose your phone to be in Vibration mode instead of Silent, it is totally up to you.

When that duration of the Silent mode is over, your phone will automatically go back into the ringing mode it was in before. So, you do not even need to worry about to switch your phone back to the ringing mode. This app does it all for you.

The free edition does not provide the feature of adding one-time events and you will have to go with the pro version for that.

Ring Scheduler

It is a nice scheduling app which let you schedule the ringing profiles on your Android smartphone. One thing which makes it better than others is that you can even activate the Airplane Mode to completely disconnect your phone from any kind of disturbance or ringtones.

Ring Scheduler can also read your contacts and let your organize the blacklist. It provides lots of options to configure the app perfectly to fit all your needs.

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Silent Time

Silent Time is designed to performed the same task like the above apps. It automatically silences your Android phone according to your weekly schedule. It also gives you the facility to add exceptions to let important callers through.

You can use the Quick Quiet widget provided by this app to silent your Android smartphone for everything else like meetings, college classes, prayers and movies.

If you use any of these apps or any other app to automatically silent your Android smartphone then, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.