Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best smartphone available in the market and also the most hyped one. No doubt it is having lots of interesting features and you would love to buy Samsung Galaxy S4. But it is always better to have a hands-on experience of a gadget before buying it to get the clear idea of on what you are going to spend your money.

Samsung is out with the Galaxy S4 Simulator to give you the hands-on experience of this nice smartphone online and virtually. It is a web based emulator, so you can try it on any web browser.

Samsung GALAXY S4 Simulator

Galaxy S4 Simulator is a bit limited in providing the full experience of the original device but still it is good enough to give you a better idea of the device and its features. Once you go to the Galaxy S4 Simulator, you will get lots of options to try your hands on the device.

The options available are the Basic Functions, Customize Screen, Screen Lock, Communication, Connectivity, Services, Multimedia and Settings. There is also a dedicated help section available about the Galaxy S4 Emulator under the "Using the Simulator" tab.

To use a feature on the Galaxy S4 Simulator, just hover your mouse over the different sections and you will get a complete list of the features available under that section to try on the simulator. Just click on the feature you want to try and it will be available on the screen of the device on your web browser.

Under the Basic Functions, you will find the few basic and highlighted features of Galaxy S4 like the Google Now, Air View Swype, Smart Screen, Task Manager, S Voice etc to try.

Customize Screen let you try adding or deleting a shortcut, widget and home screen. You can also change wallpaper, edit and manage folders and can create Apps folder on the Galaxy S4 Simulator. You can also customize the background of the lock screen and the home screen.

If you want to try the face unlock, swipe unlock, voice unlock and any other type of unlocking option available on the Galaxy S4 then, just go to the Screen Lock option. And if you wanna see how the S Beam works on the Galaxy S4 then, just go to the Connectivity.

Samsung specific features like S Health, S Translator, Samsung Hub and Samsung WatchON are avaialable under the Services tab to try. Under the Multimedia tab, you will find the most number of options available to try on the Galaxy S4 Simulator like Group Play, Optical Recorder, Story Album, Screen Mirroring, Remote Access, S Memo and much more.

You can also check the Settings and Communication tabs to see and try various communication and setting option like Gmail, ChatON, Air Gesture, Motion Settings etc.

So if you are planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 then, it is a good idea to try your hands on the Galaxy S4 Simulator first by visiting the link .

Feel free to share your experience with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Simulator by leaving the comments below.