Using a password, pin or pattern to lock your device for its safety is one of the most basic things we all do on our smartphones. Since smartphones are not used just for making calls but we also use it for sending emails, taking pictures etc, it may have some sensitive data. So, it is required to use any type of security option to unlock the screen of your device.

Though it is important for the safety of your phone and the data inside it, it may be annoying a bit too sometimes specially if the timer set to lock the screen is really small. In that case, you will have to unlock the screen nearly every time you wanna use it.

HOW TO : Automatically Disable Passcode Unlock on iPhone When You're Home
Home is one of the most secure place for all of us. So if you do not have to hide anything which is on your phone then, it is a nice idea to keep your phone unlocked when you are home. But you will have to do it manually every time you are home and you will have to activate the security again whenever you leave from home which is equally annoying. But now you can automate the screen locking process on your iPhone easily.

AutoProtect is a nice tweak for the iPhone available on Cydia to automate the process of locking or unlocking your device based on your location. It works on the WiFi connectivity of your iPhone.

You can set the WiFi connections as your preferred locations on which the AutoProtect app will come into play. The preferred locations will be considered as the home or a safe place where you do not need to worry about locking your device.

To use this app, you will have to enter the SSID of the WiFi router of your home or any other place where you would like your phone to stay unlocked. The typed SSID should be exactly as it appears on the router.

From the next time, whenever you are connected to the preferred WiFi network, your phone will be unlocked until you came out of that network. Keep in mind to use a unique SSID for your router as if your preferred SSID matches to any other connected WiFi network then, your device will be unlocked as well.

AutoProtect is available for free on ModMyi repository to download for the iPhone. If you would like to automatically unlock your iPhone screen when you are home then, feel free to use this tweak and share your experience with us.