One of the basic feature of Twitter is Direct Messages, popularly known as DM in short. If you use Twitter DMs a lot to communicate with your friends on Twitter then, you may a have lots of messages in your DM Inbox. Though it does not affect your Twitter account in any way, chances are that you would like to delete your Twitter DMs and clean your inbox someday.

Twitter does not provide the facility to delete the Twitter direct messages in bulk. If you want to delete Twitter DMs then, you will have to delete the messages manually one by one.

Though the official Twitter mobile app let you delete a bulk of messages of a conversation with a particular user, it does not let you delete all DM together with one click. But now there is a nice and useful Twitter app is available using which you can delete all your Twitter direct messages in one click.

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HOW TO : Delete All Twitter Direct Messages in Bulk in One Click

1. Go to

2. Click on the "Sign in with Twitter" button to login to the app using the Twitter OAuth

3. Once logged in, DMCleaner will check all your DMs and will show the total number of DMs in your Twitter Inbox and Outbox.

HOW TO : Delete All Twitter DMs in One Click

4. It will also show you lots of option which are available for you to delete Twitter DMs in various ways like the above image.

You can select to delete all DMs from your Twitter Inbox and Outbox. You can also select either just to delete all sent DMs or all received DMs.

If you had conversation with users who are blocked from your profile now and you want to delete the conversation of those blocked users only then, click on the "Delete only DMs with blocked users" link. DMCleaner will fetch all those DM and will show you total number of them. Click on the "Apple Changes" button to finally delete those DMs.

HOW TO : Delete All Twitter DMs in One Click
You can also delete all DMs with a specific user. After clicking on the "Delete only DMs with specific users", just type the username of the Twitter user without "@" symbol. You can type multiple username separated by space. Once the total number of DMs is fetched for those usernames, click on the "Apple Changes" button as shown above.

If you want to delete all DM conversation messages of a particular date then, just click on the "Delete only DMs based on a specific date" link. After that fill the desired date in the given format and delete all the Twitter DM of a particular date.

The best thing about DMCleaner is having a nice word based filter too using which you can delete all Twitter DMs having a particular word. All you need to do is to click on the "Delete only DMs containing specific words" link and type the word of your choice. Keep in mind that at a time, it supports only one word or combination of a set of words.