I have posted earlier about few apps and tools using which you can download and backup your tweets. And now, Twitter is officially having the feature to download your Twitter tweets archive.

Twitter provides the tweet archive in a nice web interface where you can navigate easily and look at your previous tweets. You can even check your first tweet ever. You can also search for a particular tweet from the search box in your Twitter archive.

You can easily download your entire Twitter archive in just few simple steps which is explained below. Though this feature is not available to all Twitter users right now but soon, it will be.

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HOW TO : Download and Read Your Twitter Archive

1. Go to the Settings of your Twitter profile.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you see the option of "Your Twitter Archive" then, click on the "Request Your Archive" button. You will see a message that a link to download your Twitter archive will be emailed to you when the Twitter archive is ready for download.

3. When your Twitter archive is ready, it may take lots of time depending on the size of your Twitter archive, you will receive an email. Open it and click on the "Go Now" button.

4. A new page will be opened. Now, click on the "Download" button as shown in the image below.

5. Your Twitter archive will be downloaded in the ZIP file. Open it and extract all files and folders. It is better to create a dedicated folder for your Twitter archive and extract all files there.

6. Now look for the "index.html" file in your Twitter archive and click on it. Now, your Twitter archive will be opened in a web interface on your browser.

You can browse the tweets according to the month and year or you can search for tweets from the search bar given at the top of the archive. You can even view photos on your tweets but you need an Internet connection for that.

Your Twitter archive also includes the ReTweets by you of other users. But if you want to look for a conversation then you will have to visit the online version of Twitter by clicking on the "View on Twitter" link below a tweet of that conversation.