Google Now is one of the most popular Google product of this season after the Google Glass. Google recently launched the Google Now for iPhone and iPad users as it is getting great response from the Android users. But unfortunately, Google Now for iPhone and iPad is available only for USA.

For those who do not know, Google Now is a Google product which shows the helpful information in the form of cards on your smartphone screen. So, you can get the weather updates and traffic conditions before you start your day. Or if you are a sports fanatic then, get all the updates of your favorite sports teams as they happen.

But if you are living outside USA and want to have Google Now on your iPhone or iPad then you do not need to worry about it much. If you are having a jailbroken device then you can easily get the Google Now on your iPhone outside USA.

HOW TO : Get Google Now Outside USA on iPhone and iPad

You can have a look on the image above to get the idea what you will get when you try to use Google Now outside USA with and without the GoogleNowEnabler tweak at ModMyi repository.

The only requirements are a jailbroken Cydia iPhone with and Google Search iOS app to use the Google Now outside USA on your iPhone. The best thing is that this Google Now iPhone tweak is available for free.

As the name suggests, GoogleNowEnabler enables the Google Now right inside the Google Search iOS app. So, does not matter where in the world you are, you can easily use the Google Now on your iPhone outside USA. The only drawback of this tweak is that there is no configuration settings and in the case of future updates, the tweak may stop working.

Click here to visit Google Now Enabler page on ModMyi