One of the reason behind Android’s huge success is that it is Open Sourced and get frequent updates. After all these years, Android is the Superman of the mobile OS world but one feature which it still lacks is an in-build dictionary.

If you are familiar with the iOS then, you should be knowing that iOS is having the in-built dictionary which you can use to get information and definition of a word in just few seconds. All you need to do is to select the word, tap the “Define” option and the definition of the word will popup on the screen of your iOS device.

HOW TO : Get iOS Style Pop-up Dictionary on Android
Though you will find a similar feature in the Google Play Books app and Google Dictionary Chrome extension, it is not available on all Android devices by default. But there is a solution available for this issue in the form of WordLookup Android app using which you can have the iOS style pop-up dictionary on Android smartphone and tablets.

HOW TO : Get iOS Style Pop-up Dictionary on Android

1. Download and install the WordLookup Android app from the link given below.

Download the WordLookup App

2. Now, open any text file or webpage.

3. Highlight the word which you want to check

4. Tap on the Share option on the top menu. A list of apps will appear on your screen on which you can share the selected word.

5. Tap on the WordLookup from this list to select it. Now, WordLookup will start looking for the definition of the word in its online database.

Once the search is finished , the definition of the selected word will popup on your screen by WordLookup .

6. If you feel that the duration of popup window is very small then, just open the WordLookup app and go to the Popup Display Length option. Now, just select the duration for which you want the popup window to appear on the screen. You can select Normal or Long or Very Long according to your wish.

You can also turn on the Text-to-Speech option to listen the definition, pronunciation and meaning of the selected word. It also provides the option to select the number of definitions to appear on the screen when you search of the definition of a word using WordLookup

WordLookup support the ICS and above Android Browser, Google Chrome browser, ICS and above Gmail and Email app, Google Reader and Pulse app right now. Hopefully more supported apps and browser will be integrated to this nice app soon.