Blogging was once a hobby and blogger were the people who used to speak their mind or share their expertise to help other people. But now the world of blogging is changed and hundreds of people are taking it as a full time job and profession, making six figure income just from their blogs.

Earlier people used to think that a blogger is just a geek, spending time in front of computer with no other good skills. But with the rise of probloggers and their popularity in the online world, bloggers are the hot property now.

Earlier I have shared a funny infographic Inside The Brain Of A Blogger which was about how a blogger thinks and execute various tasks in daily life. And Here is an another funny infographic designed by the team at Inspire2Rise  which is going to try to convince you that why you should marry a blogger? It shows some nice statistics and information about characteristics and skills of a blogger.

Have a look on the below infographic. If you are a blogger then, share your views in the Comments section that how correct this infographic is? If you are not a blogger then, hook up with one now to experience it.

Why You Should Marry A Blogger? (Infographic)

Why You Should Marry A Blogger?  (Infographic)