Frequent software upgrade is what we really love these days, thanks to all the advancement in the smartphone OS arena. Usually when a software upgrade comes for Apple devices, all users get it simultaneously as the source is the same for all of them. But that is not the case with the Android users.

Software upgrades for Android smartphones are provided by the phone manufacturer. Since different brands use different launcher, different hardware and sport different features, they customize the Android OS accordingly and then provide it to their users.

The entire process is lengthy and time consuming. That is why, sometimes users do not get the Android updates from the smartphone brand quickly and some particular models do not receive the update at all.

HTC is officially out with an infographic about the process of Android updates being pushed to users. It shows that the entire process consists of five major steps – Evaluation, Development, Integration, Certification and Push To Customer.

Though this inforgraphic is developed by HTC, the process is same for all the smartphone brands making Android phones. It helps in understanding how the Android updates are pushed to users, why it takes so much time and why few users never receive the latest update on their Android smartphone.

Have a look on this interesting inforgraphic about the latest Android OS updates coming to your smartphone and share your views in the Comments.

How Android OS Updates are Pushed to Users (Infographic)

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