If you are an Android smartphone user then, you must be familiar with the Notification Status Bar which shows the latest notifications coming from the various Android smartphone apps installed on your device. It also offers an option to clear all the notifications in just one touch.

Though it is a helpful to have a dedicated option to clear all the notifications, it can cause issues too. What if you accidentally touch the Clear All option while checking the notifications? Or what if you want to check an older notification once again for some purpose? You will not be able to check all those notifications again.

But with the latest updates of the Android OS, you do not need to worry about this issue anymore. Now, you can check the history of all deleted notifications easily on your Android smartphone. Just follow the instructions given below for that.

HOW TO : Check Old and Deleted Notifications on Android Smartphone

HOW TO : Check Old and Deleted Notifications on Android Devices

1. Tap on the Menu option to go to the App Drawer of your Android smartphone.

2. Now, tap on the Widget tab and look for the Settings Shortcut 1x1 widget.

3. Drag and drop this widget to the Home screen of your device.

4. Now, an option window will appear on the screen to select the items which will be available via this Settings Shortcut widget, Select the Notifications from the option available.

5. Now, a Notifications shortcut widget will be saved on your Home screen. Just tap on it and the entire notification history will appear on your Android smartphone screen according to the time, going down from latest to older.

The fresh and unread notifications will be highlighted and the checked ones will be in faded style, giving you the ability to easily check the desired ones.

By this way, you can easily check the older notifications which are already deleted by you on your Android smartphone having the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or Android 4.4 KitKat.