As we all know, Google is always trying to integrate all its services together and linking them with its social networking site Google Plus. The latest one in this list is going to be the Adsense now. Adsense is a one of the many services Google offers and it is the biggest source of revenue for Google.

HOW TO : Remove Your Google Plus Name and Picture Appearing in the Adsense Ads
If you are a Google Plus user then, Adsense may show your Google Plus profile image below Adsense ads as the recommendation for your friends based on your activity on various Google services. Google calls it the “ Shared Endorsement”

It is not something new in social media. Even Facebook is doing the same since a long time and shows the Facebook user’s name in Facebook Ads as recommendation and to grab the attention of the friends of a user.

But the nice thing is that Facebook and Google privacy settings both provide the option to opt-out of this annoying thing. Those opt-out options are deep inside the privacy settings and that is why, most of the users never come to know about it.

HOW TO : Remove Your Name and Picture Appearing in the Adsense Ads
If you do not want your name and picture to appear in the Google Adsense ads then, just follow the instructions given below.

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HOW TO : Remove Your Name and Picture Appearing in the Adsense Ads

1. Go to the Google Plus Shared Endorsements setting page by clicking the link given below.

Google Plus Shared Endorsements Setting Page

2. Scroll down and come to the settings of "Shared Endorsements in Ads" section.

3. Uncheck the box which says “Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads.”

4. Click on the “Save” button to save the changes you have just made.

From now, your Google Plus profile picture and name will not appear in the Google Adsense ads. But keep in mind that they can still appear on other Google services like Google Play Music Store, Street View etc.