You probably hear their name used more as a verb than as a noun. In May of 2011, the company’s primary website logged over a billion unique users in one month. And chances are good that one of those users was you. Google has become more than a brand; it is something you do to find information. And the Google search page may be the place you most often visit on the internet.

But providing a search platform is not all Google does.

  • Over 350 million e-mail accounts are logged under the banner of Gmail. It is one of the most popular email platforms in the world.
  • Google’s social interaction platform, Google+, gained over 25 million adherents in the first month of full release.
  • Google Analytics allows website owners to gather an incredible amount of information about their visitors and their patterns.
  • Google Adwords helps businesses get noticed in the busy online marketplace. Moreover, it provides a Keyword Tool that is a staple of internet marketers.

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But, wait; there’s more.

Google owns YouTube, Zagat (for restaurant ratings), and Google Earth—an amazing 3-D view of almost everywhere. Google developed an internet browser (Chrome) and a personal computer (Chromebook). There is a Google blogging platform (Blogger) and a Google search engine focused on academics (Google Scholar). There is—or so it seems—a Google streetlamp on every corner in cyberspace. And whether you like the idea or not: Google has become an ubiquitous part of your virtual reality.

There may even be a Google site or two you have yet to hear about …

More Googley-Good possibilities

Google Consumer Surveys : Have you ever been approached at a mall by someone with a clipboard—wanting you to take part in a consumer opinion poll? Google does that on a grander scale by presenting survey questions to internet users. It is one of their paid services, but a quick look at the case studies and sample results on the project website makes it evident that companies seeking to know what their customers are thinking can find major help at Google.

Google Art Project : With collections from galleries around the world, the Google Art Project is a virtual museum of wonder. From a view of the Acropolis Museum’s 410 B.C. bust of “The winged Goddess Nike adjusting her sandle” to a Korean Art Museum painting, “Good Luck-The Ten Traditional Symbols of Longetivity No. 1” and the National Portrait Gallery’s photograph of Ulysses S. Grant, this is a website where art lovers of all ages can gather.

Google Play : No, it’s not an online amusement park, at least not in the traditional sense. It’s part music site, a place to store and access your own collection AND a huge selection of music you can listen to for free. It’s part book store, delivering access to just about everything you want to know or read about—all in digital formats. And it’s a place to find movies, games and Android apps. Google Play is a venture with big potential.

Google TV : You got it. Watch your favorite shows online. Or listen to radio. This is a Google offering you may be hearing a whole lot about before long. Word on the street is that Google wants to expand the service and put up some serious competition for the cable and satellite companies who have managed to hold on tightly to the television viewing audience.

Google Wallet :Do you sometimes want to purchase something online, but worry about your credit or debit card information being stolen? Has PayPal’s customer service conundrum rattled your patience? Google Wallet provides a secure means of shopping in the virtual marketplace. It’s one more fast, safe, convenient (and free) service of Google.

Google Drive : Do you need more storage space on the cloud. Would you like a way to synchronize your Google Docs data (or not) to a folder residing on the desktop of any computer you want to use? No more searching for a thumb drive to transfer and store information. Look no further than Google Drive.

I still haven’t exhausted the list of possibilities provided by the team at Google. The logistics involved in tracking all of their projects must be truly mind-boggling. What a company. What a concept. Google-watchers are hoping that Google corporate culture can hold on to their “you can make money without doing evil” philosophy. It’s a tough order, no doubt—success brings its own special struggles.

By the way, for a look at the humanitarian efforts Google is involved in around the world, see the Google Projects site. One thing about Google—it appears they do more than talk about getting things done … they are out there doing it.