DNSChanger virus is in the news since last many weeks. It is assumed that around 700,000 computers are affected worldwide with the DNSChanger virus and this virus will start working from the next Monday, 9th July 2012.

HOW TO : Detect and Remove DNSChanger Virus from Your Computer

As the name suggests, this virus changes the DNS on your computer. DNS (Domain Name Server) let you open a site by typing a URL instead of the IP of that website. So, if DNS is not working properly then you will not be able to access your favorite sites. For example, if you try to open the Facebook then, the DNSChanger virus will change the DNS and will redirect the request to some other site instead of Facebook. Sounds like the doomsday for the Internet, right?

To insure that you browse the Internet like earlier after the DNSChanger virus attack, first of all, you have to know that your computer is affected with the DNSChanger virus or not? Follow the steps given below to check your computer for the DNSChanger virus and then how to remove the DNSChanger virus from your computer.

HOW TO : Detect and Remove DNSChanger Virus from Your Computer

How to Check DNSChanger Virus on Your Computer

1. If you know your IP address then, go to the official FBI page covering the DNSChanger issue by visiting the link given below.

Official FBI DNSChanger Virus Page

Now, fill your IP address in the given box and click on the "Check Your DNS" button. It will tell you instantly if your IP is affected by the DNSChanger virus or not.

HOW TO : Detect and Remove DNSChanger Virus from Your Computer

2. If you do not know your IP address then, just visit the http://www.dns-ok.us/. Right after visiting the page, it will show you a Green or Red banner. If it is showing green banner then, your computer is not affected from the DNSChanger. If it shows the red banner then, it means that DNSChanger virus is active on your computer.

How to Remove the DNSChanger Virus from Your Computer

If you are not having the much idea about the computer and the working of the Internet, or you are not having a computer professional in touch then, I will suggest you to just backup the important files and format the hard disk of your computer.

If you are confident enough to remove the DNSChanger virus from your computer by yourself then, just visit the DNSChanger Working Group page and follow the instructions given there. There are lots of DNSChanger Virum remover tools available on the page with instructions to follow them.

When you are computer is free from the DNSChanger virus, follow the methods and tips given in the posts below to keep your computer safe and free from the viruses in the future.

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