One of the most rewarding jobs in the computer tech industry is being a web server system administrator. The ability to know other people are logging in and enjoying your server – the server you are personally responsible for maintaining and managing – can be very rewarding. Without the right toolset, though, this job can be very demanding and endlessly frustrating. When you are on call for production support, many times you feel glued to your laptop with your server status constantly refreshing in front of you “just in case” anything goes wrong. During these times, your home or work office and laptop area can feel like a prison cell. But with the right tools, your smart phone can liberate you from the confines or your laptop desk and allow you to see the outside now and then. If you get good enough at using these tools, maybe you can even work from the beach once in a while!

Here are some web hosting applications for the Android platform that can help you administer your servers and do some basic web site maintenance. These tools could transform a demanding grueling job to a fun and fulfilling experience once again.

Top 10 Android Apps for Web Developers and Managing Web Hosting


Android Apps for Web Developers Hosting - AndFTP

AndFTP is a useful little FTP application that allows you to send and retrieve files to and from your FTP server. This is especially useful for when you need to pull a file down for a little tweak and send it back up when you are finished – all on the go from your Android smartphone.

Magic Color Picker

Many times the reasons we need to do these little web file tweaks is because the colors did not come out exactly the way the client wanted. With Magic Color Picker, it is easy to adjust the colors on your web page through the use of a simple color palette or slider gradient tool. This tool also supports several different color model formats.

Cheat Sheet – HTML, CSS, JS, etc

If you find that you need to hand roll some custom web code for your tweak, The HTML Cheat Sheet or CSS Cheat Sheet apps could make your work go by a little quicker. Forget which tag you need for your unordered lists, for instance? Whether you need help with that list in HTML or in the CSS design, these handy reference apps can help. There are also other cheat sheets available for several other languages.

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Android Apps for Web Developers Hosting - SilverEdit

SilverEdit is a nice mobile text editor that supports automatic formatting for most web formats, including PHP, XML, HTML and CSS.

Server Density

Server Density is a monitoring and reporting app that will monitor your server’s statistics and report in time based graphs. You can use this app to look at your server load and performance over time, and even get down into some of the details such as active processes and memory usage. This application is requires a monthly subscription.

Network Ping

What system administrator’s tool belt is complete without a simple ping tool? This is a nice one for Android devices.

bMonitor Server Monitor

If there are specific server processes or applications you need to make sure are running on your server at all times, bMonitor can help you out. bMonitor Server Monitor will give you alerts when the processes you specify on a server stop running, so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that everything is as it should be in your web server environment.

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Adobe Photoshop Express for Android

Android Apps for Web Developers Hosting - Adobe Photoshop Express for Android

What website designer can go without a graphics tool? This free express version of Adobe’s ever popular graphics tool is a nice addition to the Google Play Store marketplace.


ConnectBot allows system administrators to log into their servers from their mobile Android devices using a
Secure Shell (SSH) session.

Google Analytics for Android

Google Analytics looks at your network traffic from a variety of different angles. This is the mobile version of Google’s impressive web app.