Right now we are simply living in a world where technology is king, it is running everything. For most jobs these days you absolutely have to know how to use a computer and the internet or your chances of employment are slim. Technology is advancing so rapidly, that so people can't even keep up with all the changes. As technology is advancing, so is the way people make and set up websites.

There is now an HTML5 code available to animate your website, make it interactive and give the viewer a more in depth view into the company or business. But like everything else, there are only a few program animators that simply make the best of the best list. Price, likeability and ease of use are the many reasons a product of this nature would be able to be called the best or the top product.

3 Best HTML5 Animators for iPhone, Mac OSX & Windows

Purple HTML5 Animator for iOS - $19.99

Purple HTML5 Animator for iOS

There is an HTML 5 Animator that goes by the name of Purple. This particular program is used to create storytellings on your iOS devices, such as the iPhone or iPad. But your creations can also be viewed on your home desktop as well. With Purple you will be able to import some of your favorite pictures from other applications and choose how you want the content to be laid out. Though the program will of course give you suggestions and transition options. You will be able to view your creations in Purple Moon or on Safari internet browser. And you can also transport your animations made within this program to other applications as well.

If you decide to purchase Purple, you will be one stop closer to producing quality animations and banners within a short period of time. Purple can be purchased from the App Store, it is only $19.99. This particular program made the best list because it's helpful, the cost is low and it's very easy to use.

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3 Best HTML5 Animators for iOS, Mac OSX & Windows

Tumult Hype for iOS - $49.99

Tumult Hype for iOS

Hype is another very popular HTML5 animator, not only does it animate, but it creates web content, and interactive web content as well. If you want an interactive website, you can use Hype to create it. Hype works on desktops, smartphones and iPads alike and there is no coding used or required for this program. The features are interactive as well, when you use the record feature the program simply records and watches everything you do and creates frames when they are needed for you.

Creations made on Hype can easily be viewed on all web browsers. It is $49.99 available from the Mac App Store or from the Tumult Store for purchase. There is also a trial that you can download from the website. This program has won an award from Mac World, and many people who have used it have always loved it.

Sencha HTML5 Animator for all Operating Systems - $199

Sencha HTML5 Animator for all Operating Systems

Rounding out our top 3 most popular HTML5 animators list is Sencha. Sencha is used to create mobile applications and games. Some of the most popular applications that are played on many smartphones on a daily basis, could have been made by Sencha. With Sencha you can also create mobile ads as well. Creations made by Sencha can be viewed on all modern browsers. It is also available for purchase on Apple, Windows and Linux operation system based computers. It is $199.00 to purchase, but there is a trial download available on the website as well. Many people who have bought Sencha love using it and feel as if they can let their creativity flow. It's an easy program to use, and it can create some very nice work.

There are many other HTML5 animators available, but these are simply the best available for purchase. They are all easy to use, pricing is relatively good and they create beautiful applications, web content or just animations.