Conferences present a wealth of excellent opportunities for attendees. From networking to group interaction, conferences often leave us juggling more information than we can handle. Instead of trying to keep track of everything manually and then losing 90% of this information, put your smartphone to work with these great apps.

Top 7 Smartphone Apps if You Are Attending a Conference

1. WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard Mobile

Available on both iOS and Android phones, WorldCard lets you snap a photo of business card and then inputs the information into a virtual address book. It recognizes sixteen different languages and can even scan QR codes, so you never lose a great contact again.

2. Evernote

Evernote< is also available on both iOS and Android, and has enjoyed great popularity as a way to stay organized and productive on the go. You can save typed notes as well as audio clips, so all those small-group brainstorming sessions don't get lost after the fact. Evernote also allows users to save images, sync notes and files across multiple devices and share their notebooks with other users. Also Check : Top 6 Business Apps for iPad

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3. Intuit GoPayment

Intuit GoPayment

If you have a booth at a conference and trade show, Intuit GoPayment is a free app that will allow you to keep business moving no matter how far you are from a point of sale. Key in credit card numbers or scan them with an attachable device, and never miss another sale. Best of all, the app is free and there are no monthly fees to pay.

4. LinkedIn

The most widely-used professional network on the internet, LinkedIn is a networking godsend. The mobile app lets you connect on the go, update your profile, and even find local contacts with Bluetooth connection capabilities. Never miss another professional contact again!

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5. Google Translate

If you're attending an international conference, you'll want Google Translate ready at hand. Type or speak your phrase, and you'll have access to translations for over sixty different languages. You can even save frequently-used translations for offline access.

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6. Manta Business Search

Manta Business Search

Need information on a company fast? Manta Business Search can help you scope out businesses on the go, great for getting the scoop on every presenter you listen to or each brochure you're handed. You can also search businesses by their revenue stream, number of employees, ownership structure and much more.

7. Xpense Tracker

Don't worry about holding onto receipts any more. If you're traveling for business, Xpense Tracker will help you keep a log of all your spending for easy itemization and reports later. It supports multiple worldwide currencies and you can even export data to CSV files for easy saving and sharing.

If you are currently planning on running or even just attending a conference, you should consider making use of conference apps to ensure you get the most out of the event. For more information on how bespoke conference apps can help you out have a look at