Facebook is one of the most used and biggest social media site right now. Thousands of images are posted on Facebook every single day with other forms of media. Every Facebook profile and Facebook Page are having at least two images in it – profile picture and cover image. Other than that you will find images on the News Feed, Facebook Timeline, sidebar ads, friend profile image thumbnails etc.

The dimension of all these Facebook images are different than each other and fixed to its particular type. So, it is better to know the exact dimension of a particular image type on Facebook specially if you are an Internet marketer or blogger as it will help you in using the images perfectly and to get the maximum benefit of it.

Here is a nice Facebook inforgraphic by JonLoomer.com which gives all the information about the dimension of the various types of images on Facebook. It includes the information about Event Page, Mobile App ads, Facebook Page post/offer etc

Have a look on the below inforgraphic about Facebook image size guide. Hope that you will find it useful.

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