Smartphones are getting smarter and more powerful every single day. You can find many smartphones using the octa-core processors and up to 3GB RAM for faster and greater performance.

One of the most used app on any smartphone is the web browser and as people love to browse the Internet on their smartphone. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser for desktop and smartphones as Google Chrome offers lots of nice features.

But if you open lots of tabs in Google Chrome browser while using it on your smartphone, you can feel that it starts lagging. The reason behind this sluggish behaviour of Google Chrome mobile browser sometimes is that it can access only 128MB of memory on your device by default, doesn’t matter how much free memory your smartphone got.

It is quite surprising as people are usually carrying smartphones having more than 1GB RAM these days but an app can’t utilize it properly. But there is an easy solution for Google Chrome mobile browser to stop running out of memory. It will speed up Google Chrome on your Android smartphone and will improve its performance.

HOW TO : Speed Up Google Chrome Browser on Android

1. Open a new tab on Google Chrome browser on your Android device and enter the below string in the address bar.


HOW TO : Speed Up Google Chrome Browser on Android

2. A new menu will appear on your screen with a warning message that you are going to play with the experimental features and you should change any settings only if you know what you are doing.

3. Scroll to the section “ Maximum tiles for interest area” and tap on the drop-down menu which is set on "Default value" i.e 128 MB.

4. Once you open the option, you will see that you can assign up to 512 MB to the Google Chrome for memory usage.
HOW TO : Speed Up Google Chrome Browser on Android

Just select the 256 MB or 512 MB depending on your needs and start browsing after that in the usual way.

You should be experiencing a faster, smoother and better browsing now on your Google Chrome mobile browser now.