Now more than ever we are living in a global community, largely thanks to the internet. We are all able to communicate with people all over the world using social media platforms. This allows us to share content quickly and easily with people in a number of different countries. When it comes to sharing video content, YouTube is without a doubt the most popular video platform. People from all over the world enjoy watching videos on the site, but what sort of videos are most popular in the various different countries? That is exactly the topic of a new infographic titled 'YouTube Around The World'.

Some of the most surprising facts revealed by this YouTube infographic are that 80% of YouTube traffic comes from outwith the United States and that over 60% of YouTube viewers do not speak English as their first language! However, a common bond can be seen among the various countries that are examined. It seems as though everyone loves music, dance and comedy as these are the topics of the most watched videos in virtually every country.

In terms of which countries provide the largest number of YouTube viewers, it is clear to see a link between YouTube popularity and how much control the government exerts over television broadcasts. For example, in Saudi Arabia TV programming is very much controlled by the government with many types of programming blocked. However, YouTube is not as tightly regulated and as a result many of the younger generation are turning to the social network for entertainment rather than watching television. Saudi Arabia brings over 90 Million daily views to YouTube with most channels originating in the country being focused on social comedy.

For additional information about what YouTube Viewers around the world are watching check out the below YouTube infographic.

YouTube Userbase - Stat and Facts (Infographic)

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