If you are a gamer then, you should be knowing that how important it is to have gaming gadgets like gaming mouse, gaming headphones etc. A good quality gaming headset is necessary to enjoy a game fully and perform well in it.

Earlier I have published the review of Asus Orion Pro gaming headset and recently I have got the opportunity to try my hands on the Sades SA-708 gaming headset of which I am sharing the review here with you all gamers and gadget lovers.

Sades SA 708 Gaming Headset : Hands-On Review


The design of Sades SA-708 is perfect for a gaming headset. At the very first glance a person will realize that it is a gaming headphone, thanks to its design and color. The plastic is having a nice glossy shine and thought it does not look much strong, it is durable.

Sades SA 708 Gaming Headset : Hands-On Review

You can find the big logo of Sades on the sides of the earphones giving it a nice gaming headset look. There is a single wire which connects the headphone to the volume controls and ends at the two jacks for the audio and microphone. The dock for microphone is nicely designed and hides the microphone pretty well when you are not using it. So, you can take the Sades SA-708 outside your gaming universe too.


Due to the material used, the headphone is really light and comfortable. The cushions are soft and comfortable and you can keep using it for hours without any issues. And if you are want to use the Sades SA 708 headphones outside and hang it around your neck then, you can easily do that too as it is very lightweight and the headband is soft.

Though the design is pretty much perfect for all shapes of head, it is a bit smaller if you got a big head or huge ears. Because of that you may feel a bit pressure on your ear if you use it for long. Sades SA-708 was very comfortable for me and after using it for few hours in one go, I have felt no pain or any kind of issues. So even if you are a hardcore gamer, you will have no problem in using Sades SA 708 for long gaming session.

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Audio Quality

The audio quality is really very impressive of Sades SA-708 considering how much you are paying for it, thanks to 40mm driver. The bass is deep and high pitch sounds comes out so clear as well. While playing games, the surround effect is pretty good and helps well in playing the game.

For music lovers like me, it is a good headphone too as it performs good for all genres of music and produce good quality output, specially the bass comes out deep and clear. The best sound quality you get at the medium volume level. If you switch to maximum volume of your laptop, media player and also of the headphones then, the you will feel a bit of distortion. In any other case, Sades SA-708 got amazing quality sound which I really loved and I can say that it is a good headphone for music lovers.

Sades SA 708 Gaming Headset : Hands-On Review

You will not find noise cancellation as high as expensive headphones. So while listening music or playing games on Sades SA-708, you can still listen the sounds of your surroundings a bit.

Mic Quality

I did not get the much opportunity to test the microphone but so far, it is working pretty fine for casual Skype calls and voice recording. Since it is designed to be below your mouth, it dramatically reduces the sound of the breath which is very nice. Also, it reduces the noise a bit while sending the input audio signal which let the other user listen clearly what you are speaking.

One nice feature in Sades SA-708 is that you can mute the mic directly from the volume control. You do not have to turn it off from an application which you were using with this headphone if you do not want to speak for awhile while keep using the same application

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If you are a music lover or gamer who needs a good quality headphones without spending big bucks then, Sades SA-708 gaming headset is a must buy headphone for you. The sound quality is really good, the headphone is really comfortable and it costs very, very less than other brands.