Smartwatches are very popular these days in the world of gadgets. Recently I have received the L12S Smartwatch for the review purpose. After trying my hands on it for few days, now I am sharing the full detailed review of it with you covering all of its features and specs.

L12S OLED Smartwatch : Specs, Features and Hands-on Review

L12S OLED Smartwatch : Full Specs, Features and Hands-on Review


The design of L12S is more like a bracelet. The OLED screen is in front and the speakers are placed above and below it. The bands are attached to the screen and you just need to slip your wrist in between them. The retail box comes with a beautiful stand on which you can place your bracelet while not using it.

The bands are rigid and hard. If you do not have the L12S of the perfect size of your wrist, you may damage the device while trying to wear it. It is available in three different wrist sizes. So if you are going to buy the L12S smart bracelet then, choose the perfect size for your wrist.

L12S OLED Smartwatch : Specs, Features and Hands-on Review

The micro USB port is given on the right side to charge the device. A single button is given below the screen which works as the power on/off button,  menu key and select button as well.


The OLED display is small but of good quality. The touch sensor are very sensitive and work smoothly. Since the display is very small, it is not good enough for the purpose of reading text message. But for rest of the features and tasks, it works perfectly.

L12S OLED Smartwatch : Specs, Features and Hands-on Review

There are three home screen appearing on the screen. One shows the time , other one shows the date and status of the device and the third one is the home for entering the menu

Bluetooth Hands Free Calling

L12S Smart Bracelet can be connected to your smartphone using the Bluetooth. When you receive a call, the display of the bracelet shows the name of the caller and vibrates to notify you about the call. You can answer the call just by pressing a button. If you miss a call or do not read an SMS, L12S shows a reminder about them to check.


Well, the menu name for this feature is massage but it is nothing other than the series of vibrations at a particular time interval. When activated, L12S smartwatch will vibrate after an assigned time and your wrist will receive a vibrating sensation.

SMS and Call Records

You can sync the phonebook, call logs and SMS of your smartphone with the L12S. SMS syncing works only with the Android devices and you will have to install a small app for that on your Android smartphone.

Once the L12S Smart Bracelet is connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth and the Android app, it syncs the data of SMS and call records. Once the data is synced, you can read the SMS messages or check the call history right from your smartwatch.


It comes with the 3D gravity and gyro sensor for the pedometer functionality. The pedometer is sensitive and works good. But the distance covered is always around 10% higher than the my Nike+ Running app which shows pretty accurate data based on the GPS data. Count of steps and calorie burned stat were nearly same to the reference app. So, it is safe to remove the 10% overall distance covered to get the more accurate data

L12S OLED Smartwatch : Specs, Features and Hands-on Review

We need to keep the fact in mind as well that none of the two pedometers show same stat for the same distance covered exactly. So, L12S pedometer is a good one considering that.

Music Player and Sound Recorder

You can sync the music of your smartphone using Bluetooth on L12S. Though the loudspeaker of the device is very small in size , the audio output is loud and clear. But you may feel a bit delay in the beginning when you start playing music on your smartphone and the output coming out from the L12S. Once the smartwatch starts playing the music, it works smoothly.

It is also having a voice recorder which you can use to record some random voice notes without looking for paper and pen or taking your phone out from your pocket.


It comes with a 250mAh battery which works pretty good. You can charge it with the standard micro USB cable and it takes around an hour for it to be fully charged.

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If you are planning to buy a smartwatch but do not want to spend big money then, you can buy the L12S OLED Smartwatch. It is stylish, feature rich and costs very less with respect to smartwatches of popular brands.