Windows Phone 8.1 was a major upgrade in terms of features and has brought lots of changes to the Windows Phone devices. Most of those changes are related to the user interfaces and to provide users a better experience. But since these changes are new, most of the user do not know how to use them to get the most out of their Windows Phones.

Recently I have posted about how the key combination to take the screenshot is changed for Windows Phones and how to take the screenshots on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. And here we are going to share a quick tip which you will find helpful for sure.

HOW TO : Quickly Turn Off Ringers and Silence the Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphone

Remember how it used to be heck lots of steps to reach the ringtone settings on your Windows Phone 8 device if you wanted to silent the ringtone? But now the process is much simpler and it also comes with few more useful options. Here is a quick tutorial how you can quickly activate the Silent profile on the Windows Phone 8.1 by turning the ringer off.

You can also use the same trick to turn on or off the vibration or access the Volume Control settings quickly on your Windows Phone 8.1 device. So, have a look on it.

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HOW TO : Quickly Silence the Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphone

1. Press either the Volume Up or the Volume Down key on your Windows Phone 8.1 device. The volume options will slide down from the top of the screen.

2. Tap on the little arrow option on the top right to access the advanced options. You will see the separate ring volume settings for the ringtones as Ringer + Notifications and Media + Apps for the volume control of your apps, games, videos and music.

3. Now, just tap on the sound icon for each of these settings to silent it. For example, if you want only the ringtone and notifications to be silent then just tap on the Bell icon before the slider. If you want to silent the sound of the Windows Phone music apps, video or the games then tap on the Music Note icon in front of the Media + Apps slider as shown in the below image.

HOW TO : Quickly Turn Off Ringers and Silence the Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphone

4. If you want to completely silence your Windows Phone 8.1 device then, tap on the Vibrate option to turn it off as well. You can activate it again following the same way.

5. Instead of silent your Windows Phone 8.1 device if you just want to adjust the volume of it then, you can slide the bar for each of the options provided to adjust the volume of either the ringtone or media and apps or both.