There are lots of smartphone apps and games for the kids available on various app stores. Recently I came to know about a new app Trail The Tail by Thematica. They are expert in making apps for kids and Trail The Tail is their newest product. As you can get the idea from the title of the game itself that it is game about animals.

Trail The Tail is based on the African Savanna where the user plays the role of a wildlife explorer. Kids will find many different animals, flora and fauna, animal's lifestyle and various information about them while playing this game. This game is educational plus funny too.

To start playing the game, kid needs to solve a mathematical puzzle and then only they will enter into the screen to select the stages. This is really a nice approach as kids will be encouraged to improve their mathematics skill.

Trail The Tail : A Nice Educative Wildlife Game for Kids

Once you enter the main menu, you will find few tails of animals waving at you. You need to touch on any of them to start playing the game. Once the levels are completed, the animal will be revealed whose tail player have selected in the beginning.

You will find various stages based on the theme of the wildlife explorer. You will have to use your camera to take the pictures of animals like turtles, mongooses, parrots etc to make progress in the game. Once the user take the picture of the animals, it changes into a funny one. So, kids will love it for sure.

Trail The Tail : A Nice Educative Wildlife Game for Kids

Then there is a level where the is a mommy monkey and her kids on tree. You have to help mommy monkey in getting all her baby monkeys to the bed and make them sleep. In another level, you need to help the mommy elephant to clean her little elephants who are coming back after playing in the mud and dirt. It is cute game which teaches kids to love animals and their babies.

Though this game is designed for kids and having easy gameplay, there are few levels which are particularly a bit tough for the young kids. For example, the level in which you have to feed the hungry pelican with fishes, it is kind of difficult to throw the fishes in pelican's mouth and you will have to spend some time in practicing for that.

Trail The Tail : A Nice Educative Wildlife Game for Kids

Also the game is not having any help section regarding the instructions of particular stages. The player needs to rely on the on-screen instructions being shown in the form of arrows to understand what to do next. So, it may take awhile for kids to understand the game fully and they might need the help of their parents too.

Trail The Tail is a nice animal game for kids and available on all major app stores for free to download and play. Though to unlock all the game levels and animals, you will have to go through the in-app purchase. Still, there are lots of things in this nice game for kids which they will love for sure.

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