When it comes to use speakers with TV or music system, people usually think about the usual 5.1 speakers. But now manufacturers are being creative and coming out with new shapes and size of speakers. Recently we had the opportunity to try the Fenda Audio’s, popularly known as F&D, T-180BT soundbar.

After using it for awhile, here we are sharing the hands-on review of F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar with you all Geeky Stuffs readers.

F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar : Hands-On Review, Specs and Features

F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar : Hands-On Review

Retail Box Content

F&D T-180BT comes in a nice and big retail box. Inside you will find well placed speaker remote controller, various cables, user manual, warranty card and also a few required accessories to wall mount the speaker.


As the name suggests, F&D T-180BT is a bar shaped speaker. It is really long and comparatively narrow with respect to its length to give it the perfect bar shape. The length to height ratio of the speaker is 10:1. The 989mm length is just perfect to keep the F&D T-180BT speaker with a 42-inch or 47-inch TV set.

There is a silver strip in the middle of the front side of the speaker which includes four buttons – power/standby, Bluetooth, volume up and down keys . There are also two LED indicator lights on the front. All ports are given on the back of the speaker along with the power cable, on/off key, subwoofer output, AUX and RCA input. At the bottom, there are two clamps which you can use to either put the speaker on the ground or hang on the wall.

F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar : Hands-On Review, Specs and Features

The design of T-180BT is rich and gives it a nice, luxury look. The overall weight of the speaker is around 3 kilograms which is a bit much if you like to move your speakers frequently along with you in the house.

Specs and Features

F&D T-180BT comes with a 3 inch full range drivers and 1 inch silk tweeter per channel to give you a nice audio experience. The power output is 40W (20W x 2) which is good enough for your home theater system. The Bluetooth connectivity range claimed to be 10 meters but There is also a built-in efficient class-D amplifier. The fully functional wireless IR remote control comes with total of six keys for you to control the speaker from a distance.

You can connect all your A2DP supported Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphone, laptops or TV with F&D T-180BT . If your TV or device is not having the Bluetooth then, you can use the AUX port to connect your device with the speakers to enjoy the audio.


The installation and setup process is very easy and you can start using this speaker in just few minutes. If you would like to wall mount the speaker then, it will take a bit more time obviously.

We tried connecting F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar via Bluetooth with few of our smartphone and Samsung SmartTV and it worked pretty well and the connectivity was strong. Though the range of Bluetooth is claimed to be ten meters, it worked well for me up to 15 meters too which is really impressive.

The audio quality of the speaker is really good. The audio is loud and clear. Though there is no extra bass output from the speaker itself, it is good enough for music lovers. We tried to play the music at maximum volume and F&D T-180BT performed very well in this test without distorting the sound.

F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar : Hands-On Review, Specs and Features

One interesting feature of F&D T-180BT is 3D Surround Sound system which can be activated from the remote control. It is really nice one and works pretty well too by letting you hear sounds as coming from different dimension and directions.

One big drawback here is that to use all the features of F&D T-180BT , for example 3D surround sound or TV selection etc, you totally rely on the bundled remote controller. So if anything goes wrong, you can’t use that particular feature. So, it would be better if the speaker had all the keys on the speaker itself too.


F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar is a nice and comparatively cheaper with respect to luxury speaker brands but still provide you the good quality sound and the feel of luxury speaker in terms of design. If you are looking for feature rich and good looking speaker without affecting your budget then, F&D T-180BT Bluetooth Soundbar is a good option for you.