If you are reading this article right now then, it means that your computer, smartphone or tablet is connected to the Internet somehow and you should be having the idea about the terms like Broadband, DSL, ADSL etc. And the latest in this list is the Naked DSL Broadband. Broadband is the Internet service which is provided by using the ADSL technology. Then what is the Naked DSL and how it is different from the ADSL?

In ADSL, usually you get a telephone line and pay for its monthly subscription. Using this telephone line, the ISP provides you the broadband Internet connectivity to you too. So you usually end up with paying total three bills – monthly subscription for phone line, voice calls you make using your phone and then for the broadband Internet.

What is Naked DSL and How it is Beneficial than the ADSL?

Also it is a well know fact that these days nobody is using the landline phones at homes. So, having a telephone line and paying for its monthly subscription just for the sake of broadband is not fair at all. And Naked DSL is solving this issue pretty well now.

In Naked DSL, you do not need to have a phone line to get the broadband connection. That is how it got the term “Naked” in its name. So first of all, you save money you would spend on monthly subscription using ADSL and in most cases, the usual Naked DSL plans are cheaper than the ADSL ones. You can click here for Naked DSL plans.

What is Naked DSL and How it is Beneficial than the ADSL?

You can still make voice calls using the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology with Naked DSL and these phone calls would be part of your DSL package as you are not using a traditional phone service but making call using the Internet. So, the Naked DSL is beneficial with respect to the ADSL as it saves money and it is faster using the latest technological development.

But one drawback of Naked DSL is that if you use your landline phone a lot to make calls, which is rare usually, then in the case of Internet connectivity issues you will not be able to make voice calls as well.

Still, Naked DSL got more features than the ADSL and you can avail those benefits by switching to a Naked DSL Broadband Internet.