More and more people are using their smartphones these days for web browsing. The improvement in screen size, display quality and great Internet speed is making people browse and use the Internet more than ever on their smartphone and tablets.

Due to this, if you are a blogger or webmaster you cannot ignore the need of a mobile friendly version of your site. Recently Google have started showing in the mobile search results that whether a site appearing in the search result is mobile friendly or not.

As you can see in the below screenshot that if you search for on Google on a smartphone, it shows a tag saying Geeky Stuffs is a mobile friendly website. It can be really attractive to the user and can drive more traffic to your website from smartphone and tablets.

Website Mobile Version Check - Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool

There are lots of plug-ins, theme, templates etc available providing mobile versions of the website. But when it comes to SEO and search engine ranking, you would like to be good in the book of Google. Instead of just checking whether a website is having a mobile version or not, it also checks how mobile friendly is the mobile version of your website. So, it would be really good to know whether a website is scoring high in Google mobile friendly test or not.

There are two methods which can be used to check whether a website is mobile friendly or not in the eyes of Google. Both of these methods are pretty easy and mentioned below. You can use the one you want.

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How to Check if Google Considers your Website as Mobile Friendly

1. Using the Google Mobile Search Engine

1. Go to on a smartphone browser or open the Google app on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Type the “site”” in the search bar and search . For example,

3. On the search result page, check whether the “Mobile Friendly” tag is appearing below to the page URL of your website or not as shown in the above image

If there is the “Mobile Friendly” tag appearing for your blog in Google mobile search results then, Google is considering your website as mobile friendly. If the tag is missing, you can go with the second test below.

2. Using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test

1. Go to Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool page by clicking on the below link

Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

2. Enter the URL of your website in the space given and click on the Analyze button as shown in the below image.

Website Mobile Version Check - Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool

3. Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool will analyze the page and will show in the result whether the page analyzed is mobile friendly or not.

Keep in mind that this tool only checks a single URL submitted instead of the whole website. So if you use different widgets and plugins on different pages of your website, it is better to check the URL of all those pages to get the better idea that how mobile friendly is your website