The way we used our mobile phones have changed with the emergence of smart phones and Android phones. Our mobile phones nowadays can do more than just send SMS or call as it is now equipped with additional features that allow one to browse the Internet, chat on Skype or Yahoo, take and edit pictures, GPS capability and more.

Almost everybody owns a mobile phone and they have been using it extensively to access their online world. That is why if you have a website, it is very important that you optimize your site for mobile web browsers to reach a wider audience and cover all aspects of the Internet market.

In the past, converting to a mobile platform for your website can be a daunting task. You need to have the knowledge and skills to understand HTML programming or you have to have a budget to afford a website designer to do this for you. But gone are those days as it is very easy now to make a mobile version of a website, especially for WordPress sites, with the help of some of the WordPress plugins.

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Optimized your Website for Mobile Users using WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Mobile Website Plugins

WordPress Mobile Pack

This plug-in includes features that make the mobilization of your website fast and easy like:

• Mobile Platform Switcher – This detects the viewer of a site whether they are regular Internet users or mobile users and automatically switch the site according to the platform needed by the user.

• Mobile Themes - The plugins comes with fully XHTML-MP compliant mobile themes that can be customized to fit the requirements of your site.

• Transcoding and Device Adaptation - This feature allows one to edit the menus, change the size of the images, and simplify the page and more to create a user friendly mobile platform.


This is the most widely used plugins by many website owners to create a mobile version of their site. It is very easy to use as everything can be controlled from the admin panel after the installation of the plugin. From the admin panel, the user can edit the appearance of the site without changing any code to optimize the site for viewing on famous mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phones and smart phones. It also comes with different mobile themes, languages and the ability to add advertising for your mobile site.

WP Mobile Detector

This plugin supports more than 5,000 web enabled phones, tablet PCs, Android phones, and smart phones. What it does is it detects the type of device being used and formats the site by resizing the images and simplifying the site to present a mobile-friendly format. It offers 9 customizable mobile themes, supports WordPress widgets and has a multilingual capability.

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin

This plugin offers more customization than other plugins as it allows any styles and theme that you have for your regular website, like the header and graphics, to be reflected in the mobile version for uniformity. It supports different mobile devices and customize the page to make it tailor fit for the device used to view the site. It also uses one URL for the desktop version and mobile version so website owners can just use one domain for both platforms.

If you want to cover all possible audience for your website to widen the reach of your Internet marketing campaign, try out one of these plugins to help you mobilize your website to provide a user friendly platform for the continually growing number of mobile users.