Project Management is one profession that needs a lot of collaboration, what with balancing workloads, ensuring efficient time management, and making sure creative deliverables are awesome. Because of this there is a wide variety of useful apps and software related to project management, all aimed at helping you complete projects successfully. Earlier I posted about 5 must-have smartphone apps for project managers, which is how I came to learn about the project management software called Wrike.

Wrike is an all-in-one project management tool which comes with a lot of useful features. A few of Wrike’s highlighted features are shared below.

Wrike – A Complete Project Management Tool

Task Management

Wrike comes with a task management tool which works as an organizer as well. You can create a task, break large tasks into smaller activities for easy execution, set due dates of completion, attach files and much more. Wrike, is a collaboration software, since it assists teams to work together more efficiently.


Wrike – The Best Project Management Tool

A feature similar to social media sites like Facebook, Wrike’s Newsfeed provides updates on all project activities as well as status reports from your teammates. It is a convenient way to get updates without interrupting others who are trying to focus on being productive.

Commenting and Feedback

Wrike allows you to easily communicate with your teammates and ask for their feedback. All you need to do is @mention the person you want to send messages to -- exactly the way you do on Twitter or Google Plus. The best thing is that you can communicate with people outside your organization as well.

Integration with other tools

One of the best things about Wrike is that it integrates with everyday business tools like Apple Mail, Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Box, Outlook, and more. This makes it more convenient to do all your work from one platform.

Custom User Groups

Wrike – The Best Project Management Tool

You can create custom user groups based on your organization structure for better management and information control. This way it is easy to message entire departments or sub-sections of your company. Using this feature, you can also share files and documents to particular user groups only.

One page Dashboard

Wrike provides a dashboard where you can see all important updates in real time, including graphs and charts, work progress, tasks assigned to you, and much more. You can also share this information with other people to keep them up to date.

Smartphone Apps

Wrike – The Best Project Management Tool

If you are always on the move or just love to use your smartphone or tablet for work purposes then Wrike also has smartphone apps for iOS and Android devices. So you can use Wrike’s project management tool anytime, anywhere on the go on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Chrome Extension

The Chrome browser extension for Wrike lets you create tasks right from your Google Chrome web browser. if you find anything interesting like a LinkedIn profile, a Google Business page or even a website article you want to bookmark, simply click the extension to create a task, assign it to yourself (or someone else), fill in the details, set a due date and even capture a screenshot of the webpage.

Document editor

Every task within Wrike has a task description area where you can input details about the work to be done. But it also serves as a built-in document editor that lets multiple users edit the task description at the very same time.

here are many more interesting features that make Wrike one of the most complete online project management tools. If you are a project manager then you should definitely give it a try.