When you think of buying a new smartphone, the first question that comes into mind is whether you should to pick Android based phone or iOS based phone. This is a dilemma for most of the people because both mobile operating systems are great with a lot of advantages and features.

According to a recent ComScore report, Android and iOS are running on 53.2% and 41.3% smartphones respectively, which is a big ratio as compared to the other mobile operating systems. Due to this increasing popularity of both these mobile OS platforms, it has become difficult to choose the best one.

To find out the answer, you just need to do a little comparison between the latest versions of Android and iOS because the choice totally depends on your requirements and budget.

Here is the quick summary of Android Lollipop and iOS 8 features:

Android Lollipop vs iOS 8

Features of Android Lollipop

1. Inbuilt Torch - Lollipop has an inbuilt flashlight, which has eliminated the need of installing any third party app. Just by swiping down the notification panel, you will be able to switch on the flashlight.

2. Color Conversion - Lollipop has emerged with the new display for blind users with six different color modes.

3. Lock Screen Notification - In the previous Android versions, you had to unlock the screen to see the notification panel, but Lollipop allows you to to access the notification panel without unlocking the device.

4. Search Bar for Settings - Now, you don’t have to check all the menus to find any setting item. Just go to the search bar and type the setting item to immediately find what you need.

5. Increased Language Support - With the emergence of 15 new languages, now Lollipop is supporting in total 70 languages.

Features of iOS 8

1. Credit Card Scanning - With iOS 8 you just need to scan your credit card to make the online purchase, instead of entering the credit card number manually.

2. Wi-Fi Calling - In iOS 8, you can make a call over Wi-Fi without any extra app. To enable the Wi-Fi calls go to setting- >Phone- >Wi-Fi calls and then click OK on Allow Wi-Fi calls.

3. Auto Deletion of Messages - To save your iPhone memory, iOS 8 automatically delete the old messages after 30 days or one year.

4. Recovery of Deleted Photos - If you have deleted your favorite photos by mistake, then don't worry because iOS 8 will keep your deleted photos saved for 30 days.

5. Save Battery Power - Now, you can find which app is consuming the most battery power and can shut down that app to save the battery.

This infographic is created by Nine Hertz, that describe all about these two major mobile platforms, their wonderful journey, latest updates and key features. This infographic will clear up your doubts and will let you to make a strong comparison between Android Lollipop and iOS 8 to decide which one you should pick.

Android Lollipop vs iOS 8 - Detailed Features Comparison (Infographic)

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