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Lockscreen is one of the most important part of smartphones these days as it gives you the brief idea of what’s up with your phone at a glance by showing the notifications and other important information. But sometimes a lockscreen can be very messy and do not provide the needed information to the user.

Echo Notification Lockscreen : The Best and Most Productive Android Lockscreen

Echo Notification Lockscreen is a nice Android app dedicated to improve the feature and functionality of the lockscreen and enhance the user experience. There are many nice features which come with the Echo Notification Lockscreen Android app. Few of them are given below.

Echo Notification Lockscreen - Features and Functionality

Lightweight and Minimal Design

Echo Notification Lockscreen app is small in size and having the minimal design to save your smartphone battery while running in the background.

Automatic Grouping of the Notification

Echo Notification Lockscreen : The Best and Most Productive Android Lockscreen

This is a nice feature to improve your productivity. It detects the type of notification coming to your screen and group them accordingly for easy viewing. So, you get all your social media notifications in one group and all emails in another. Echo categorizes notifications into Social, Work, Priority, Media, Others etc. You can manually select the apps for each category or let the Echo Notification Lockscreen decide.

Music Controls from the Lock Screen

This feature let you control the music player from the lockscreen itself without unlocking the device and opening the music app. Although it is not a unique feature and available in many Android smartphone launchers by default, is a nice integration in Echo.

Notification Snooze

Echo Notification Lockscreen lets you snooze a notification to check it later. It is a useful feature and can come handy if you are in a hurry and would like to get a reminder about notification later to check it. It’s like setting up a notification for the notification. You can snooze the notification in two ways – time-based and location-based. All you need to do is to long press the notification and set the reminder.

Echo Notification Lockscreen Features

Location-based snooze works on the WiFi connectivity where you define your Home and Work WiFi connection in order to detect your location and show the snoozed notification.

Customizable Lockscreen

You can customize your lockscreen with wallpapers and notification settings to suit your mood and get the most out of this useful app.

Echo Notification Lockscreen let you see the full details of an incoming notification. If you receive a few emails, instead of showing just the number of emails you have received, Echo shows you the sender and title of each new email to give you an idea of how important it is and whether you should check it right away or schedule a notification to check later.

Echo Notification Lockscreen Features

You can open notification without unlocking your phone. And you can also put the pattern lock etc to avoid any abuse of this feature and better privacy. You can also launch the camera app right from the lock screen if this feature is not available in the lockscreen of your phone already.

Echo Notification Lockscreen also let you see the stat of your notification activity like when you receive the most notifications, the average number of unlocks per hour, the total number of unlocks in a day etc. The developers behind Echo optimized it for both Android smartphone and tablets, so you can use it on any of your Android devices.

Echo Notification Lockscreen is a must have application for all Android smartphone and tablet users specially if you want to improve your productivity and bring some freshness and extra features to your device.