Cortana is one of the most highlighted feature of Windows Phone 8.1 devices as it is considered the most advanced virtual personal assistant. It is also popularly known as the "Personal assistant with a personality" as Cortana can crack jokes, have endless conversations and got the information of its own existence.

So far Cortana is available exclusively on Windows Phone devices only, but seems Microsoft is expanding its services more and more to other OS and platforms. Microsoft has already sold the MixRadio to Line and it is officially available on Android and iOS too now. And seems Android and iOS users are going to get Cortana very soon too.

How to Download and Install Cortana on Your Android Device

It is being speculated since last few months that Microsoft will officially launch the Cortana to Android and iOS devices after the launch of Windows 10 for Phone. But it seems that a beta version of Cortana for Android is leaked before the official launch and available now on the Internet.

The best thing is that even though it is in beta phase, it provides all of the current features and functionality of Cortana. If you are using the Cortana on Windows 10, you will find the Cortana for Android pretty similar.

How to Download and Install Cortana on Your Android Device

Using the Cortana for Android, you can create reminders, send emails, check weather reports and you can even ask her to sing you happy birthday or crack a joke via giving her the voice commands. You also get the access to Notebook using which you can customize Cortana, provide her information about you to provide you the better services.

To use the Cortana on your Android smartphone or tablet, download the APK file of Cortana for Android from the link given below. After that place the APK file in your Android device and install it directly.

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Click here to Download the Cortana for Android APK File