No.1 is popular for the rugged smartphones and now they are frequently coming out with a series of smartwatches too. Few days back I have received the No.1 S3 Smartwatch which is their latest smartwatch.

After using the No.1 S3 smartwtach for few days, here is the detailed hands-on review of No.1 S3 smartwatch covering all of its pros and cons in various section separately.

No.1 S3 Smartwatch : Hands-on Review, Features and Specs

Retail Box and Unboxing

No.1 S3 smartwtach comes in a small and beautiful retail box. Inside the retail box, you will find the smartwtach, a USB cable, battery, battery charging unit and a user manual.


No.1 S3 smartwatch is having a circular dial which looks beautiful. But the thickness of the device is a bit much and gives it a poor look from the side. There is knob given just like the regular watches which can be used for switching on/ off the device or to reach the home screen. The case is used is of stainless steel and the glossy design is prone to fingerprint. It would be great to have the matte finish.

There leather belt look nice and the heart rate sensor is embedded in the belt itself. There is a microphone given on one side of the smartwatch. The back panel is removable and the SIM card slot, memory card slot and the battery slot is given inside it.

There is an extra charging unit provided which you need to connect with the back of the smartwatch to charge it. But this causes trouble sometimes as the charging unit comes out easily and if you apply more pressure to put it on the back of the smartwatch, it gets stuck as well.

You watch our No.1 S3 smartwtach unboxing and hands-on review video below.

Hardware and Connectivity

No.1 S3 smartwatch runs on the Mediatek's MT2520 processor. You can connect your Android smartphone and iPhone to the No.1 S3 smartwatch using the Bluetooth 4.0 provided. There is a micro SIM card provided which supports the 2G network.

There is 128 MB internal memory and 64 MB RAM. There is a memory card slot given too which supports a card of up to 16GB. The sensors provided in No.1 S3 smartwatch are pedometer, heart rate sensor, UV sensor and vibration sensor.

There is no 3.5mm audio jack provided. So, you will have to rely with the tiny speakers provided with this device.


No.1 S3 smartwatch is having a 240*240 pixel resolutions screen. Though it is written on the retail box that it is having HD screen , you can see it is not HD. Screen quality is good and the touch response is pretty nice as well.

The screen is having the Nanometer Tempered Glass used which provides better protection and resistance from daily wear and tear. It is also claimed to be splash resistance.

One big drawback of the No.1 S3 smartwatch screen is that the a good portion of the screen is not usable and it gives an ugly look to the watch screen as it cuts the portion of the watch dial.

Apps and Features

No.1 S3 smartwatch comes with the pedometer which counts the steps and calorie burnt by you in a day by walking or running. The heart rate sensor gives you the data of your heartbeat for the instance when you use it.

Sedentary Reminder reminds you that you are sitting since a long time and you should do some physical work. You can customize the time according to your need that after how much time you want your smartwatch to remind you to perform some physical activity.

Sleep Monitoring tracks the data of your sleep duration and let you understand about your sleeping pattern to make it better. There is a vibration massage feature provided too which vibrates the smartwatch to provide you the feel of massage. Though it is not much effective, it is still fun to have it.

Since No.1 S3 smartwatch supports the SIM card, you can make the phone call and receives the text messages as well. Due to this, there is Contacts, Messages, Call Records etc. apps like your smartphone. You can also make calls from your Bluetooth connected mobile using the No.1 S3 smartwatch. The only drawback is that there is no 3.5 mm audio jack provided , so you need to rely on the speaker provided for answering calls which is not powerful enough to let you talk in a crowded and noisy place.

Then there are usual but important apps like Calendar, Calculator, Clock, Alarm, Video Player, File Manager, Image Viewer etc.


No.1 S3 smartwatch is a nice device at a very attractive price range. It comes with few nice hardware and features like UV detection, heart rate sensor etc. The display quality is good and device itself look nice with the leather belt provided.

It lacks few features available in other smartwatches like a camera but also comes with few extra features. Still considering the price and overall performance, No.1 S3 is a must buy entry-level smartwatch for sure.