There are lots of speakers available these days which are pretty much similar and the only difference comes in terms of performance. But recently I have received the Ovevo Fantasy Pro Z1 which is a smart LED Bluetooth speaker.

Here is a detailed hands-on review of the Ovevo Fantasy Pro Z1 Bluetooth speaker considering all of its pros and cons in different sections. If you have used an Ovevo Fantasy Pro Z1 then, feel free to share your experience with all in the Comments section.

Ovevo Fantasy Pro Z1 Bluetooth LED Speaker : Detailed Hands-on Review, Specs and Features


The design of the Ovevo Fantasy Pro Z1 speaker looks futuristic but also comes with some poor choices. The speaker is in triangular shape. The speaker is balanced on the panel on which the music control keys are given in the center. The power on/off button is also given at the same place. There is a microphone also provided to answer the calls when the device is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The top of the speaker is touch sensitive and you can change the color of the LED just by touching the top panel. But the problem here is that you can keep either the touch sensitive panel or the music control panel upside. Due to this, you can use either one of them at a time.

Speaker is small in size but looks really beautiful specially when the light colors are emitted from it. The touch sensitive panel is shiny and very responsive to the touch. The edges are smooth and curved, giving a nice look to the speaker.


Ovevo Fantasy Pro Z1 is a Bluetooth speaker and can be connected to your Android and iPhone devices. Though it was easy to connect the speaker to smartphones, it was not so smooth with the computers specially the one running on the Windows 10.

There is a dedicated app using which you can control the LED light, brightness, music being played etc. There are five modes like Pulse, Candle etc. in which the LED can glow with the help of the app. You can also select the particular colors and its various shades which you want on your Ovevo Fantasy Pro Z1.

Using the app, you can also control the music player. You can control the volume, access the playlist of your phone in the app and perform nearly all the tasks which you do on the music player app of your smartphone.

You can also use the Ovevo Fantasy Pro Z1 as alarm clock. You can set the timer on the speaker using the app which let the LED glow and music play automatically on your selected time. You can also use this device as a night lamp on your bedside. Its beautiful LED color will surely make you feel better while going to bed.

Speaker and Sound Quality

Considering the tiny size of the speaker, the sound quality is pretty good. Though it is not very loud, the clarity is good. It lacks the bass a bit but still good enough to listen the music in a small room. While playing the music, keeping the LED of the speaker in Pulse mode looks nice.

The battery life of the Ovevo Fantasy Pro Z1 is not so great as it consumes battery for Bluetooth connectivity, playing music on the speakers and for LED as well. So, it is advisable to keep the brightness of the LED low and use the AUX cable to play the music sometimes instead of using the Bluetooth connection.


Ovevo Fantasy Pro Z1 is a very beautiful and unique Bluetooth speaker. The smartphone app is feature rich and let you customize your experience in a very nice and easy way. In terms of performance, the speaker quality is average and so is the battery life. But at a price tag of just $25, it is a must buy Bluetooth speaker for sure.