Apple iPad Pro is different than the rest of the Apple iPads available in the market. First, it is the huge size of the device which makes it unique. iPad Pro sports a big 12.9-inch screen and the second thing is that it is having better hardware specs than all previous models of iPads.

But how much difference this hardware upgrade makes? If you are having an iPad or iPad Mini and planning to buy the iPad Pro, did you ever think that how better it will be with respect to your current device?

SPEED TEST : Apple iPad Pro vs Every iPad Model Ever Released (Video)

You will always find some Speed Test videos on the Internet showing the performance of a device with respect to other devices available in the market and usually they compare two or three devices only. But here is a Speed Test video which compares the speed and performance of all the iPads ever released.

It is pretty much similar to a video which we have posted earlier comparing the speed of all iPhone versions but instead of the iPhones, the comparison is between the iPads. This iPad speed test video is having all iPads from first to last i.e iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air vs iPad 4 vs iPad 3 vs iPad 2 vs iPad 1 vs iPad Mini 4 vs iPad Mini 3 vs iPad Mini 2 vs iPad Mini.

The tasks performed in this iPad speed test video are unlocking of the screen, time taken in switching on and off the devices, Internet speed test, Geekbench 3 scores etc. This will give you a better idea that how good the newer models of iPads are performing with respect to the old one and whether you need to switch and upgrade your Apple iPad or not.

Have a look on the below Apple iPad speed test video of all iPad models and feel free to share that which device you got and how much you are satisfied with its performance in the Comments section.

Speed Test: Apple iPad Pro vs Every iPad Model Ever Released (Video)