We all love music and whether you’re on the go, at work, or just chilling at home, there is nothing better than to have a pair of nice headphones for some great music to accompany whatever it is you are doing. But you need to keep in mind that your choice of headphones can shape and define your listening experience.

Today, there has never been a more diverse selection of headphones on the market. From On-ear to full size Over-the-Ear, to headphones with high-resolution audio output support and noise cancellation technologies, it can be really difficult and hard to settle on which pair of headphone you should get.

And if you face the same difficulty then, here is a simple guide to help you find the best headphones for you.

Sony H.ear On MDR-100AAP Headphone and Walkman NW-A26HN - Hardware Specs, Features and Price

Top 6 Things to Consider While Buying the Best Pair of Headphones

Headphone Form

The very first thing to decide is which form factor suits you. There are three main forms for headphones: In-ear, On-ear and Over-The-Ear.

In-ear headphones are tiny earpieces that fit inside your ears, and are the most compact and lightweight of the three. They usually offer moderate to excellent noise isolation and do not interfere with your earrings, glasses, or hairstyles. However, few people may find it uncomfortable to have buds in their ears. In-ear headphones by Sony usually come with four different sized ear buds to give you a more comfortable fit depending on the size and shape of your ears.

As the name suggests, On-ear headphones rest on your ears but don’t cover the ears entirely. They are comfortable, portable and allow your ears to keep cool. As it is easy to understand that one drawback is that they are not great at blocking out noise and can leak noise, something to be wary of if you use them in a quiet area. However, they can be ideal for office use or out in the streets when you need to be aware of external sounds.

Over-the-Ear headphones like Sony H.ear On MDR 100-AAP are full sized headphones and they come with large ear cups that surround your ears completely. They have nice potential for greater bass, loudness levels, sound clarity as well as better isolation from outside noise by effectively “sealing” music in. However, they may be more suited for at-home use since they usually come in a larger size, and are not much portable.

Ultimately, the decision comes down how comfortable you are going to feel wearing the headphones, where you’ll be using the headphones, and if bass response as well as if noise isolation is important to you.

Wireless Headphones

Another very important key decision is whether you would like your pair of earphones to be wired or not. Choosing a pair of wireless headphones allows mobility and is perfect for you if you do not like the mess caused by the headphone cords. Wireless headphones, like Sony’s MDR-1ABT Bluetooth Headphones can be great for office, house and portable use, letting you move around without worrying about wires. The MDR-1ABT also has a 30 hour battery life, meaning it won’t run out of juice any time soon.

In-line Remote and Microphone

Wired headphones like Sony’s H.ear On MDR 100-AAP, also come with a smartphone compatible inline remote, mic and a smartphone app to answer calls easily with the push of a button. This allows your wired headphone to work as a hands-free headset and lets you change the songs without having to touch your smartphone.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are pretty common these days and they come in all forms, from In-ear to full size Over-the-Ear. The noise-cancelling technology produces a sound wave that neutralizes a portion of ambient noise around you, effectively “cancelling out” noise. The major and best benefit is that you do not have to increase volume to overcome ambient noise in the crowded and noisy places. So, and you are able to clearly listen at lower levels with noise-cancelling headphones, which leads to less ear fatigue. This is particularly very useful for people frequently traveling in long flights and the daily commute, as noise-cancelling headphones are excellent at cancelling low frequency ranges such as the humming of planes and trains.

High-Resolution Audio Compatibility

High-Resolution Audio is something to be excited about if you’re an audiophile and fan of digital music. The technology takes analog recordings and amazingly translates them into a digital format, allowing for a more exact interpretation of the original. Just like the difference between standard definition to HD to Full HD video, High-Resolution Audio is much greater in quality than MP3s and CDs and transfers more than three times more data than the CD quality audio. Sony’s Hear.In series, which includes the MDR-EX750AP, are among a range of headphones that are compatible with the high bit rate and frequency of High-Resolution Audio, allowing you to experience music closest to its truest form. If you are a true music lovers, this is a feature that you won’t want to miss out on.


One last and another important point to consider while narrowing your options to buy a good headphone is your budget. Headphones can range from premium to affordable, and just like any other product, generally you do pay for what you get. You will probably find a great pair of headphones around $55 but more expensive options will obviously come with extra features and functionality such as extra bass, noise cancellation, high-resolution audio and tends to be more ergonomically-friendly, which can be well worth the cost.

Your Headphones are Your Lifestyle

We have barely brushed the surface of the features that many headphones today offer; these are just the basics points which you may come across during your search for a good headphone. If there is one thing to take away from this, it is to decide on the purpose of your headphones — where and how you would like to use them — and look for options which suit your interests and lifestyle.
The best way is to do so is to try out a variety of options, weigh out the pros and cons, see what feels comfortable for you and take the leap! When you do find a great pair of headphones, you’ll never regret it.