Everything wireless always so popular and that is why, wireless charging is also getting popularity among the high-end smartphone users. Lots of flagship Android and Windows Phone devices are available with the wireless charging but this is the feature Apple fanboys are missing as wireless charging is not available in iPhones yet.

There are rumors that the next generation of Apple iPhone i.e iPhone 7 will come with the wireless charging and a new technology that will let you charge the device from a distance too instead of putting the smartphone on the wireless charging unit.

HOW TO : Add Wireless Charging to Apple iPhone

For now, there is no official solution available for the iPhone users to enjoy the wireless charging. But now it is possible to have the wireless charging on your iPhone, thanks to few manufacturers coming out with the idea of iPhone wireless charging accessories.

The current wireless charging is Qi-enabled standard and being used in the Android and Windows Phone devices. And this is what being used in iPhone wireless charging accessories to bring the feature of wireless charging to the iPhones.

The main problem anybody can imagine with wireless charging on iPhone is the lack of the required hardware. This problem is solved by different manufacturers in different ways. For example, by providing a Lightning cable attached to a Qi-enabled unit on one side and another attached to the charging port of the iPhone to receive the wireless charging and then transfer it to the iPhone.

You can connect the Lightning cable to the charging port and then wrap the remaining part on the back of the iPhone. If you use a cover then it is great as it will hide the external wireless charging unit attached to your iPhone fully.

There is an iPhone case which is having the built-in wireless charging. There are few iPhone wireless charging accessory with the charging pads as well. The good thing is that these iPhone wireless charging devices support most of the models of iPhone like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S etc.

There are lots of nice iPhone wireless charging accessories are available in the market. Below are the few good ones which we have found good in terms of performance and pricing both. You can also browse all of the available wireless charging accessories for iPhone by clicking on the link given below.

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