Recently google has started the Android N beta programme and most of the people who have got compatible devices checked what's new in Android N. But Android N is not on the stage to run as a daily driver, as a result most of the people would like to go back to the latest version of Android for general public which is Android Marshmallow in this case. Hopefully Geeky Stuffs has got something for you if you also want to go back to Android Marshmallow.

If you have flashed your device manually then you will need to go to the google developers page and follow the instructions given there. But if you have not flashed manually, you can just head to the Android Beta Programme page and scroll down the page and you will see your nexus device listed there. Simply, click on the unenroll button and confirm you want to un-enroll from the programme. Within a few minutes you will receive the OTA (Over the Air) update which will take you back to the latest build of Android Marshmallow.

Please do make sure that this process will erase everything in your phone memory so be sure to do a back up. It was pretty easy to return back to Android Marshmallow, wasn't it? What do you think? Let us now in the comments below.