Gadgets are what make our life easy and then there are gadgets available for all kind of tasks and purposes. LED Life has recently launched 40-LED Touch Piano and Music Stand Lamp that is a gadget for the musicians obviously an a very useful one.

As the name suggests, LED Life 40-LED Touch Piano and Music Stand Lamp comes with the 40 LEDs, so the light is bright enough to cover the piano or any wide-body music instrument to cover four pages of music notes. So, it is perfect for the musicians.

LED Life 40-LED Touch Piano and Music Stand Lamp - Hands-on Review, Features and Specs

The lamp’s flexible neck let you adjust it easily to any size of book, page, or stand. There is a clip provided that attaches in a single movement, and is having a grip strong enough to prevent sliding, position changing or giving way.

The clip is cushioned, so you do not need to worry about any damage to the delicate wood finish of a piano or a beautiful antique music stand. So, you can safely attach this lamp anywhere you want. You can watch in the below video that I connected it to my laptop

This lamp sports a nice LED Life™'s touch technology, and makes the light swipe-activated and tap-adjusted. It means that you can adjust the intensity of the light with just one tap and switch on or off the lamp, just by moving the finger on the right point. There is three intensity level of light provided and you can use them based on your requirements.

The LED Life™ lamp is powered by a USB-C cable, and comes with an AC adapter. The cord provided is of very high quality and ten-feet long . But the biggest drawback is that the lamp is not battery powered. So you need to have a direct power connection each time, you want to use it and that is bad if you are an outdoor performer.

Overall, LED Life 40-LED Touch Piano and Music Stand Lamp is a great product overall. It is innovative, having a nice flexible design, three adjustable light levels, comes with long cable for convenient power source, and environmentally-friendly LEDs.