Sony H.ear On MDR 100-AAP Headphone was launched by Sony few months back and we were trying our hands on this beautiful gadget for awhile. And in this article we are going to publish a detailed hands-on review Sony H.ear On MDR 100-AAP headphone of and our experience with the device with all Geeky Stuffs readers.

The review is divided in different sections covering the pros and cons of the product for each of those section.

Sony H.ear On MDR 100-AAP Headphone - Hands-on Review, Features and Specs

Retail Box and Unboxing

Sony H.ear On MDR 100-AAP headphone comes in a big retail box as it is a big Over-the-Ear headphone. The image on the retail box shows that what color of the headphone is inside it. Once you open the retail box, you will find a nice box again inside which the headphone and all the contents are provided.

The retail box coms with headphone, 3.5mm cord, a pouch to carry the headphone and some user manual. It is disappointing that instead of having hard shell carrying box, Sony is just providing a pouch.

Since one of the most highlighted feature of Sony H.ear On MDR 100-AAP headphones is the color, the box inside the retail box, headphone, cord and the pouch all are of exact same color and it looks really nice.


When it comes to design, Sony H.ear On MDR 100-AAP is having a really nice and premium design. 40mm driver units fit perfectly on the ear. The diaphragms are with Titanium-coated domes. The headband is adjustable and having padded cushion at the top. The headband and phones are having metal finish and it looks very premium.

L and R are clearly marked on the interior of the headphone to let people know which side to put on. The headphone pads are adjustable too and let you freely move your head while using the device. There is just one port provided for 3.5mm Aux cable provided to connect the headphone with media player.

Sony H.ear On MDR 100-AAP Headphone - Hands-on Review, Features and Specs

The cord comes with the L-shaped gold-plated 4-pole mini plug. It is 1.2m in length, obviously detachable and flat to avoid the knots and tangles. There is an omni-directional In-line microphone is provided to let user answer the call when headphone is connected to the smartphone.

Overall the design of Sony H.ear On MDR 100-AAP is really nice. It is lightweight, having premium feel and designed for keep on our head for hours without feeling any issues even if you wear spectacles like me.

Audio Quality

Sony claims that H.ear On MDR 100-AAP headphones are designed to produce the sound that musician want you to hear and due to this the audio output is more natural in this headphone. So if you are a music lover who likes to enjoy more natural sound and enjoy sound of each instrument used in the composition then, you will love this headphone.

But if you are a bass addict, you will be disappointed with this headphone after using it for the very first time as the bass is not strong enough and not that deep.

This headphone supports the High-Res Audio and i.e audio quality higher than the CD quality sound. So if you use it with the devices supporting this audio quality like HTC One A9 smartphone or Sony Walkman NW-A26HN digital media player then, you can enjoy the amazing quality audio.

Extra Features

There is an in-line microphone and a button provided on the cable that let you answer the phone calls and have conversation. There is also a smartphone app available that let you assign custom task to perform using the cable button. You can assign tasks to control the music player depending upon how you are pressing the button.

Though it is a nice feature, it does not work properly on all smartphone and not all function work perfectly too. Also if you are having multiple music player, like me, on your smartphone then the app gets confused and causes issues as well.


Sony H.ear On MDR 100-AAP headphone is a great product overall considering its design, comfort level, audio quality, premium looks and hardware specs. If you are a music lover and audiophile then, this is a must have headphone for you. The audio quality is great, sounds very natural and comfort level is the best.

But If you are a casual listener who just like more bass then, this headphone will disappoint you. Also you need to keep in mind that this is wired device and comes with no built-in noise cancellation.