We have already seen the claims like “World’s Thinnest Smartphone”, “World’s Thinnest Tablet” etc etc. And the latest in this trend of “The Thinnest” is the HP Spectre and it is claimed to be the “World’s Thinnest Laptop

The brand new HP Spectre laptop is a 13.3-inch ultrabook that is designed to give a straight and touch competition to Apple’s popular MacBook Air and 12-inch MacBook, in terms of overall performance and design both.

HP Spectre Laptop : Hardware Specs, Features and Price

If we compare the HP Spectre with some of the lightest and thinnest laptops available in the market, even though the Lenovo LaVie currently holds the title of being the world’s lightest laptop but it comes with a thickness of 17mm just like Apple’s MacBook Air. Also, the new 12-inch MacBook, along with the Razor Blade Stealth, both offer a thickness of 13mm.

And the good news here is that the thickness of HP Spectre is just 10.4mm. Talking about the total weight of HP Spectre, it is just 2.45 pounds thanks to a carbon fiber material used to provide a tough and lightweight shell. There are four hybrid polymer battery cells are distributed throughout the HP Spectre to maximize the battery capacity in its ultra-thin design.

HP Spectre Laptop : Hardware Specs and Features

- 13.3-inch 1080p Full HD IPS Display

- Gorilla Glass Protection

- Intel Sixth-Generation Core i5 or i7 Processors

- 512 GB SSD Drive

- 8 GB of RAM

- Bang & Olufsen Stereo Speakers with HP Audio Boost technology

- Three USB Type-C Connectors (Two of which will support Thunderbolt for a faster, more versatile I/O connection)

- Windows 10 OS

- 10.4mm Thickness

- 2.45 Pounds Weight

HP Spectre will be available for pre-order via HP.com and BBY.com from April 25th, 2016. The starting price of HP Spectre is $1,169.99 onwards in the U.S. You will also be able to buy and collect the HP Spectre in person from Best Buy stores from May 29, starting from a price tag of $1,249.99.

So far there is no information provided regarding the price and availability of HP Spectre in international market. But we are expecting it to be available soon as it is really going to be a great demand.